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SunPower for Schools

SunPower for Schools

Georgia’s EMCs, together with Green Power EMC, developed SunPower for Schools in 2005 as an in-class solar learning laboratory for students across the state.  The program provides participating schools with on-site solar panels and the software necessary to study energy produced by the sun.  SunPower for Schools is the largest solar education program in Georgia.

The SunPower for Schools program features the latest in solar technology, with upgraded solar panels and new monitoring software.  By monitoring solar power producing strength during certain weather and light conditions, students gain a better understanding of some of the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy.

To date, Green Power EMC has installed solar arrays and monitoring equipment at more than 40 middle and high schools within EMC territories across the state.

Live SunPower Data

  • Click the image below to see live data from solar arrays installed at schools around the state participating in the SunPower for Schools program.


For more information, contact Alan Shedd at or 770-270-7217. 

Click here to see live solar array data


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